Near-Death Experiences — Witnesses Describe the Afterlife

Introduction to the Near-Death Experience (NDE)

Many people who appear to be dead report visiting an amazing “spiritual” dimension before reentering their bodies to resume normal human lives. Each near-death experience (NDE) is somewhat unique. However, there is remarkable consistency among the completely independent accounts. Many near-death experiencers report the following:

Very few report having a negative experience. Sometimes, those who do are people who had not been living a “good life” and needed such an experience to get them back on track. NDEs are designed for the individual.

This world’s exclusivist religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc., appear to be soundly invalidated by NDEs since many atheists, agnostics and other nonreligious or downright irreligious people have pleasant experiences and are sometimes invited to remain in what most people would refer to as heaven.

Some have somewhat religious experiences, evidently, tailored to their religious presuppositions for the sake of their personal comfort. For instance, one might see a spirit entity which appears as their perception of Jesus, and although such experiences must be deemed just as valid as any other, they do not prove Christianity to be the “only true religion” because such experiences must be weighed against the myriad cases where Jesus is entirely absent and/or the experiencers are a non-Christians or even atheists. Furthermore, the religious experiences are the minority and negative “hellish” experiences are even less common.

Caution: As outlined above, the term near-death experience is generally used to describe an event where one appears to be dead, but is later revived. Some, however, are using the term to mean something much less significant. For instance, in this video, it is used to over dramatize what might be referred to as “close calls with having a serious accident.” In none of the cases covered in the video does anyone appear to be dead or even injured seriously. When most people use the term near-death experience, they are not (and I am not) referring to such close calls. In most cases, we are referring to situations where no vital signs were present and the experiencers had to be revived from what would have certainly resulted in death had they not been revived.

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