Near-Death Experiences — Witnesses Describe the Afterlife

Why have our memories been blocked?

Near-death experiencers tell us that we are eternal souls who plan our own lives and agree to certain things. Some claim they were actually shown a vision of themselves making their agreement. The problem is, none of us remembers anything about making our commitment.

Not knowing what we agreed to may seem frustrating, but it’s necessary. If we knew what we were going to face in life, we would simply be too afraid to make any decisions. For instance, imagine you had planned to be born in the year 1920. At age 21, upon hearing about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, you plan on joining the U.S. Navy to train as a fighter pilot. As your exit point from earthly life, you plan to be shot down in battle and killed.

Of course, as a human, this sound horrendous. If you had prior knowledge of all this, do you think you would have joined the Navy? If your mother had known that she would lose her son in this manner, would she not have been too afraid to have children or even get married? It quickly becomes clear that knowing the future would paralyze us with fear. No one would be able to move forward, and the whole purpose of coming to this world would be thwarted.

As annoying as it may seem, it’s vital that you be totally unaware of your soul’s plan. Your memory will be restored when you transition back to our eternal home.